Earbutters new video HUSTLAS and CUSTOMERS is all over the internet. In the video, Earbutter does some remarkable stunts. We wanted to know more, so NYC Nightlife caught up with him for an exclusive chat.

6Blocc made a sick remix of your new single Hustlas and Customers. How long have you known each other?
It’s a funny story before I ever was into edm like 97 or 98 this hippie dude gave me an RAW mix tape which is 6bloccs jungle alias right then I got into edm fast forward a couple years I’m djing all types of events and a jungle label at the time in LA was sending me all types of white label and dub plates that 6blocc was also on.  Next thing I know I’m djing a party in LA and I meet Raw/6blocc the guy who got me into the shit I shook his hand handed him my new vinyl release and told him he was the entire reason I got into this.  We chatted online here and there a bit and then BOOM years later we play a show together in Miami at WMC with guys like Evol Intent (Computer club, Bro safari, Treasure fingers) Ewun (Kill The Noise) and we started talking after our sets, next thing I know we are doing USA and International tours together.  It still blows my mind today that they guy who got me out of metal and hip hop is the same guy I’ve shared some of my most successful moments in EDM with.  Mad shouts to you Raoul with out you I wouldn’t be where I’m at.
Is there anything that bothers you in the EDM scene?
In the days of authenticity you had to have skill you had to be original and you had to be accepted by the family.  Today you don’t need skill you just need a budget and a daw and someone who can write beats for you or do a remix for you or have a vagina a rich dad and stand there and dance around I’m obviously talking about Paris Hilton.  I’ve played a lot of shows with guys that are considered the top of the top and it’s sad because I know they can’t dj they can’t produce and their entire success is built off of a budget and a PR agency an image that is fake and the kids who support them most likely will never know and that’s what upsets me the people are being deceived and that to me is wrong.  At this stage in the game you can’t bitch or point fingers or make excuses you got to take the bad shit on the chin and do what you have to do to adapt to the rich people coming into the scene and creating a brand for themselves.  You’ll either evolve or die.  Earbutter is almost a I can beat you at your own game type of project and I’m not tooting my own horn but in a life or death situation I’d put my skills to the test with my life on the line.  I find it very doubtful many if any can produce, rap, and have the tablist technique that I possess coupled with the confidence to put yourself in a life or death situation knowing if you lose you are dead.
What’s your favorite thing to pull at shows?
Hot chicks that was the easiest question of this interview.
You perform all your stunts yourself? Did that 100ft jump from the bridge hurt?
Not at all.  Pain goes away when you stop feeling it at the same time if you’ve never felt pain then you aren’t living and it will be hard for you to respect anything.  It’s funny how people act a certain way and then when pain comes into the equation they fold because they are betas and can’t fathom what being an alpha entails.  I welcome any challenge and if pain is part of the process so be it win or lose live or die there’s no other path for me.
What’s the best thing about Florida life?
Well I live in LA during the fall and winter and in Florida in the spring and summer.  Besides the asshole cops and slow moving southern mentality it’s great.  I was so bummed that they didm’t pass the Medical bill this past election by 2% because that is what sucks about Florida.  Out west the cops are worried about real shit while out here they think if you caught with a J you are scar face.  I just like the fact I have a sanctuary where I can wake board all day if I want or come home and write beats or just go chill in nature on the beach away from the city life.  It’s a good balance and I still have the chance to tour and travel.  Also my Florida guys always show me a good time. Nerd Rage, Doco, and Cojaxx down in tampa always get me into some fun and the guys at Firestone in Orlando always have good shit going on and treat myself and my crew like royalty.  I love Cali and I love FL they just need to decriminalize herb though it would make Florida a lot more progressive and help break up this foolish mentality some of these people have.
Is there anything else you would like to mention?
I have a new single dropping in the next couple months called “Tipsy Twerk”. Rednek will be smashing a remix out which will make this a really lucrative project as dude always kills it.  Tipsy twerk will be my most successful project because of the catchy hook and how many asses will start bouncing once it starts jumping out of the speaker.  I’ll have more announcements in the coming months about who is picking it up and a release date.  If you thought the “Hustlas and Customers” video was fun wait until you see this one!  It’s going to get freaky.  “Got that Dope” is another smasher I have coming out and will probably let that out as a free D/L as soon as I get a good remix on it.  Only other project I want to let out of the bag a bit is the “Trap House EP”.  It’s exactly what it sounds like BIG ROOM house music into Trap smasher hybrid style that will really impress a wide variety of people.  You can keep up with me on any social media by just typing in earbutter.


Earbutter’s previous and future projects are currently supported by a variety of EDM talent including 12th Planet, Rednek, 6blocc, Nerd Rage, We Bang, Mayhem, Cash Cash, MRK1 / Lokate, Tim Ismag, Zardonic, Doco, Sluggo, Son of kick, Future Prophecies, Raiden and many more top talented artists from around the world.

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Originally written for ENL by Hammarica

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