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Coming off of his first release under his real name, a very groovy remix of Defunk‘s “Saturday Night,” Lliam Taylor shows off his soulful side with his take on Craig David‘s “Fill Me In.”
On this track, Lliam sought to combine the two-step garage vibe of the original with house musicality and the aggression of dubstep. Of all the tracks he has written for this new project, Lliam says, “I hold this one pretty near and dear because I feel I went most out on a limb with it.”
Formerly known as Kezwik, he has toured with Datsik and landed at #1 on the Beatport Dubstep chart. Never aiming to be pigeonholed in just one genre, Lliam has been broadening his sound to embrace other electronic styles and has set his sights on the world of house. A true musician through and through, Lliam aims, with every piece of music he writes, “to create a song that tells a story and makes you feel something from start to finish, whether it be intense feelings or just the need to dance.”

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